Navneet joined Essential Personnel in November 2020. She has over 10 years experience in various areas of disability service provision. The varying capacities in which she has worked, has given her the opportunity to combine her genuine passion for developing leaders with her desire to make an impact in the lives of people with disability.

Navneet has a strong customer focus with expertise in operational management, service design and delivery, strategic planning, and fostering leadership at all levels of the organisation. Navneet has a passion for collaboration and meaningful engagement with people with disability and their families to enhance customer experience and address barriers to community inclusion.

Having immigrated to Australia, Navneet has first-hand experience of challenges of cultural integration which is increasingly relevant for organisation to understand in managing their diverse workforce and supporting their diverse customers. Committed to ongoing professional development and lifelong learning, Navneet is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Social Science (Majoring in Human Services).

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