Our NDIS Support Coordinators

Let our experienced team of coordinators at Essential Personnel help you with support connection, support coordination and/or specialised coordination of supports.
We can assist you to develop the confidence and capacity to implement your NDIS plan. We have a small team of knowledgeable staff who can help you to make and coordinate your connections with your NDIS plan.
Coordination of Supports or Support Connection:
The function of this service is to help guide you step by step through your plan and organise (with your input) all the services and supports within the plan.  Essential Personnel has a team of coordinators who have the skills and experience to make everything plan related a lot easier for you.


Our team also works with other agencies and community groups to ensure you are linked to services that can really make a difference to your quality of life.  We are always mindful of your choice and control and if a crisis occurs will be there to assist you.
Our coordinators will always include you in the process and build your capacity to direct and manage all aspects of your plan.  If some of your current/previous supports have not been suitable or satisfactory, we can help you find an alternative.  If you are happy with them, you keep them.   It is all about choices, you don’t have to stay with one organisation, each service can be provided by different agencies.
We are here to also assist you to resolve any issues that may arise, and help you to develop your capacity and resilience.

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